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Video Conference


Please carefully read the following before registration
*Note: Please go to "Tutorials page"  for registration for tutorial course. 

  1. Please register by typing in English.

  2. Please agree that your registration information can be distributed to all workshop participants. 

  3. If you are an academic scientist and are interested in making a short (3-slide) "Breakout room presentation", please select "YES" in the form requested and add title in comment section.

  4. If you are from industry and are interested in reserving a breakout room for exhibiting, please select "YES" in the form requested. (This will be associated with a small fee that help in covering the cost for the workshop, please contact us for details).

  5. The registration will be manually approved by the organizer to avoid inappropriate registration. A link to a website or to a scientific article, proving that you are active in the area of the workshop, will support for this approvement (add in comment section).

  6. You can register by accessing the link below.

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